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IP Geolocation

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Every computer connected to the internet has a number called the IP number similar to a phone number, usually represented as four numbers separated by a dot. Even your computer has an IP number, namely There are databases that allow web sites to figure out where you are using that IP address. However, the precision is not really that precise, and the best you can hope for is to find the correct city. The country information on the other hand is usually correct and is used by a variety of web sites to send you customized ads or offeres depending on your location.

We mirror the data provided by for IP geolocation. This is a free database with good coverage of IP addresses for endpoints in North America and some international coverage. They depend on users like you to make correction and add more entries, so if you find a problem please take the time to fix it!

Enter IP address or host name:

IP Address100.28.132.102
CityTurlock, CA
If this is wrong please correct it. Thank you.

Packets going from one computer to the other on the internet are usually routed through multiple so called routers. In many cases those routers can be discovered, and the route from this server to the given IP address is as follows:

HopIP AddressLat/LongCityStateCountryAction 40.9667/-5.65Salamanca SPAIN [Center map] [Correct location]

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