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Brain Food

Here some puzzles / problems that have confused even people that should know better. It also contains a logic puzzle generator. For a problem to be listed here the following rules apply:
  • it must be simple to explain,
  • someone with the right background should have no problems solving it,
  • but most people will get it wrong when asked for a quick answer.
I will not publish the solution to not spoil the fun. Feel free to post your solution as a comment. If you have a problem you think would fit please send an email to or post it as a comment to this page.
  • The three doors: There are countless variations of this problem, with lions and virgins hidden behind doors, and poor prisoners that have to chose a door and get eaten or survive. This version here has an interesting twist with a second choice.
  • The two Parrots: Are the two a pair, or two males?
  • The ancient Gene: Do you have it or not, that's the questions!
  • The Surprise Exam: The teacher is always right, right?
  • Logic Puzzle Generator: This is not a single puzzle, but a generator of logic puzzles (from simple ones to very complex ones).
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