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Tools for web users

Look at what your browser reveals to the world, find out what IP addresses and domain names reveal if you ask nicely.
  • Your browser revealed: ever wondered what your browser sends to servers whenever you request a website? This page will show you exactly what is going on and explains the details.
  • Interogate your browser: not only does your browser send quite a bit of information to any server you are accessing, it also allows webpages to interrogate it.
  • Server chatter: web server too are usually quite chatty, find out what they reveal.
  • whois lookup: interested which company own a particular web address? A lookup in the 'whois' database will often show you the owner.
  • IP lookup: Lookup who controls an IP address.
  • IP Geolocation: Geographical location of IP addresses.
  • Create a PDF file of a website: Create a pdf file of any website that is publicly accessible.

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