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Using the tools listed on this page you can monitor various aspects of the web and get notified every time something changes. You can monitor web pages, prices of goods on selected web stores, search results, google page rank and domain name registration information.

Note that in order to use any of those tools you need a free account.

  • My monitors: manage and control all the monitors you have setup so far.
  • Public monitors: look at monitors created by other users.
  • Monitor a web page: by using this monitor you can find out how a webpage changes over time.
  • Monitor product prices: if you are waiting for something to drop in price this is the monitor you need to have it automatically checked.
  • Monitor Google News: Interested how much coverage a politician get, or how much articles your company gets out of a new product release? This monitor allows you to keep a track using google news.
  • Monitor Google Maps: If you would like to get notified when google changes the satellite picture of your house, or finally adds the street you live on, then you need the google maps monitor.
  • Monitor Airline Tickets: Using this monitor you can see how airline tickets change in price over time.
  • Monitor Google Page Rank: Using this monitor you can see how the google page rank of your webpage changes over time.

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