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This website has a number of tools for all kinds of problems. Look around, and maybe you find something useful for you. If you have questions or suggestions please send an email to

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Tools for web users

Look at what your browser reveals to the world, find out what IP addresses and domain names reveal if you ask nicely.


Using the tools listed on this page you can monitor various aspects of the web and get notified every time something changes. You can monitor web pages, prices of goods on selected web stores, search results, google page rank and domain name registration information.

Web Widgets

This part of the site contains some code you might find useful for your webpage. Look around, and take what you like!


If you are looking for a new name for a product, company, or anything else you might find some interesting tools on this page. Note that to use some of the advanced options you need to create an account first.

Brain Food

Here some puzzles / problems that have confused even people that should know better. It also contains a logic puzzle generator.

Applications for Phones

You will find some applications here that might be useful if you own a smart phone. Currently all of the applications are for Android phones only, and you can download them from the Android market. Here you will find the complete source code for them (once I get around to publish it).

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