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Once you have a list of names you might want to check if domain names are available. Don't use registrars web pages for this. Some of them are rather sneaky: as soon as you look for a name they will register it, and then you can only buy it from them. ISP are also known to sell lists of domain names that people are interested in to domain name squatters which will then buy them and resell at a profit.

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Simple Version

This form allows you to chec one name in the most popular top level domains (.com, .net, .org, and some European and Asian countries). If you create an account you can use the complex version below with many more options. Just enter the main part of the name without any dots in the form below.

Domain name:

Advanced Version

This version will check all possible domains worldwide, and, for existing domain, will check wether a web server domain ( is defined, and if the domain has an MX record (which means that most likely it has been setup to receive emails. Note that some registrars define all domains by default, those cannot be checked with this system and are silently ignored. As an additional bonus you will also get the number of hits for your name by different search engines.

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